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CLAIRIS TECHNOLOGIES 12 / 2007 - ongoing

2 workpackages started. ATALAN Makine is analyzing and updating the certification reports of "M53112 Front Bulkhead and M53140 Nose Landing Gear Bay" of A400M.
CLAIRIS TECHNOLOGIES 10 / 2006 - 09 / 2007
2 workpackages completed. ATALAN Makine designed "M53112 Front Bulkhead and M53140 Nose Landing Gear Bay" of A400M..
FERCHAU ENGINEERING 10 / 2008 - ongoing
Workpackage started. ATALAN Makine will analyze the all brackets of "Lining Up Structure" at A400M from FRAME 20 to FRAME 50. Certification reports and their update will be under ATALAN responsibility.
FERHAU ENGINEERING 06 / 2008 - ongoing
ATALAN Makine is tring to set up a technology development platfrom on advanced composite materials and structural composites part design. ATALAN has the Eureka and Tübitak support for R&D projects.
ATALAN Makine signed NDA with Nexio. ATALAN Makine is joining a "cluster" of company in order to analyze electro magnetic effects and interference on aircrafts under Europe Framework Program.
TAI 01/2008 - ongoing
ATALAN Makine engineers have been working on TAI (Turkish Airspace Industry - Ankara) on design and analyze of airbus A400M aircraft.
TAI 06/2008 - ongoing
Workpachage started. ATALAN Makine checks all the drawings of parts which are being made for A400M by TAI design team (DTC). ATALAN Makine updates the drawings also.
ALP AVIATION 07 / 2008 - ongoing
ATALAN Makine started to work for Alp Aviation about tooling of desired parts. ATALAN prepares the 3D models from drawings and generates their CAM.
ATALAN Makine offers R&D and engineering services for new aircraft development programs.
ATALAN Makine signed NDA agreement with Gct Garner to work together on future projects.
ATALAN Makine signed NDA agreement with KD Consultant to work on new aircrafts projects.
Aerospace Belgium
ATALAN Makine offers R&D and engineering services to Belgium Aerospace Consulting company on slat and high lift devices projects. ATALAN aims to bring design and manufacturing capabilities to its clients.
SNR2 MECA 05 / 2008 - ongoing
ATALAN Makine completed 10 manufacturing tools projects for SNR2 Meca and is still leading 5 more projects. New projects are coming.
ATALAN Makine will join the 1st İzmir Global Aerospace Conference. Download the conference program>>